Fernet, 40°

This is a strong and bitter liqueur made by the prolonged infusion in alcohol of many different herbs.

It belongs to the "amari" family, but at the same time it distinguishes itself by an higher ABV % and lower sugar content.

Drink neat as digestif, on the rocks with soda as a refreshing cocktail.

New product


INGREDIENTS: Water, alcohol, vegetal extract infusion, natural flavours. Colored with caramel (E150b).

USE: It is usually served as a digestive after meal, but can also be enjoyed straight at room temperature, with ice, with coffee.

Product uniqueness

Fernet was born the 17th century near Milan. In the local language "fernet" (fer net) means clean iron, referring to the hot iron rod, that used to be soaked in the alcoholic infusion, to make it shining. Fernet is therefore an infusion and not a distillate, it belongs to the chine and amari family.

Fernet boasts some features that make it unique and (maybe) inimitable. To make the proper fernet, in addition to the common ingredients used also in many different infusion, you need to have at your disposal particular herbs, roots, bulbs, pistils of different provenance as you can see from the historical recipe.

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