Limoncino del Chiostro

Typical Mediterranean liqueur, still today made according to our last Century original recipe, through the infusion of non treated lemon peals.

We offer 2 different range:

  • The 32°, top quality, perfectly balanced at the palate and coming only from the infusion of selected Sicilian lemons.

  • The 28°, very good product with reduced alcohol content.

It has to be chilled and served ice-cold; recommended as a straight aſter meal drink or added to long drinks, fruit salads, lemon and fruit ice creams.

New product


INGREDIENTS: Water, refined european beet sugar, alcohol, infusion of non treated lemon rinds. Minimum 200g of lemons per liter of product.

USE: It is usually served plain, at room temperature or chilled. Enjoyed as an aperitif or as a digestive after meals. Excellent ingredient for cocktails.

“Hazy golden yellow emerald color. Bright aromas and flavors of lemon zest and oil with a satiny, tangy, fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a warming, nuanced, long finish with notes of honey and lemon gelato. A sensationally vibrant and pure limoncello.”
(Beverage Tasting Institute)


Product uniqueness

Its origins are mysterious and the theories many, as always. Some recall the fishermen's custom of drinking a little lemon liqueur in the morning to ward off the cold. Others speak of diligent monks intent on preserving the pleasures of life between one prayer and another, when the roads were hazardous and the seas populated with plundering Saracens... Anyway, Limoncino (or limoncello) is one of the best known and appreciated gourmet products of the Italian tradition!.

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