Sambuca Lazzaroni, 42°

Sambuca Lazzaroni is a sweet, strong liqueur whose base consists of essential oils extracted through steam distillation of the star anise seeds with the addition of a concentrated solution of sugar and other naturals aromas.

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INGREDIENTS: Water, alcohol distilled from molasses, refined european beet sugar, distillate elderberries, seeds of star anise and fennel, bouquet of distillates and herbs.

USE: Drink it strait or with the “fly” ( 3 coffee beens). Traditionally added to the coffee for the “caffè corretto”. With addition of cold water is called “white ghost” as the colour of Sambuca will turn to opaque white, resembling a light smoke. It can be used in cocktails, instead of gin or vodka.

”Star anise aromas have a hint of wild berry bush and meringue. Rich and velvety with a mildly sweet full body and a long, penetrating, and warming and pure star and wet mossy limestone finish. Great purity and dimension.”
(Beverage Tasting Institute)


Product uniqueness

The original recipe from the 1800 shows the name of Anisette. Today is faithfully produced according to this formulation. Sweet and velvety liquor, thick and oily, with intense and delicate flavors, with an alcohol content of not less than 38% Alc. / Vol. Absolutely transparent and colorless. Upon contact with the palate remains smooth with grim flashes.

Produzione Sambuca Lazzaroni

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