Amaretto & Peach, 24°

Amaretto & Peach, a fresh extension of our Amaretto Lazzaroni 1851.

Peach blended with the infusion of Amaretti Chiostro di Saronno biscuits distinguishes this fine liqueur with a uniquely fresh, fruity and summer flavour.

New product


INGREDIENTS: Water, sugar, Amaretti del Chiostro di Saronno cookies infusion (23,5%: alcohol, water, Amaretti del Chiostro di Saronno cookies - sugar, apricot kernel 19%, EGG white - ). Colored with: E150b (caramel).

USE: Drink it cold, on the rocks, perfect base for a top quality cocktail.

Produzione Amaretto & Pesca

Product uniqueness

1) First Amaretti Chiostro di Saronno biscuits are baked: sugar, apricot kernel, egg White

2) Amaretti del Chiostro got crushed into not to small pieces...

3) .... and got soaked into an idroalcoholic solution.

4) The concentrate is filtrated, added to other distinctive and secret ingredients, diluted with water and sugar.

5) The authentic Amaretto is flavored with peach to get the original and fresh fruity variant.

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